Why the Matterport’s Platform is Ideal for Creating Immersive 3D Tours


Why the Matterport’s Platform is Ideal for Creating Immersive 3D Tours

Today, the Matterport's system is a big hit among real estate agents. Not everyone can afford expensive and quality 3D cameras, so companies that use professional hardware and software like Matterport are already a few steps ahead of their competitors. Matterport offers the best hardware and software for vivid interactive 3d tours, but their products can be too expensive for a single agent or even a small real estate company.

When you choose to hire a professional real estate photography company, such as 8710 Photography, you, first of all, choose quality. We use Matterport cameras and software to create all of our stunning 3D tours.

Keep reading to learn more about this company, Matterport’s standards of quality, and how we create realistic, stunning tours using the cutting-edge technologies.

Why Matterport?

Photos and videos used to be flat for years. Not anymore. Matterport is the leading immersive media technology company that offers all-in-one 2D and 3D solutions for any property. It’s like Google Maps, but better –with Matterport, you can create a one-of-a kind interactive experience that enables potential home buyers to tour any property from the comfort of their own home.

Learn More About the Matterport Platform:

The company was founded in 2011 and introduced the original Matterport Pro 3D Camera in 2014. A lot of things changed since the first 3D camera hit the market - with the release of CoreVR, Multimedia Mattertag™ Posts, 360° Views, and Pro2 3D Camera, the Matterport platform has only gotten better.

Home buyers love to interact with realistic, eye-catching three-dimensional images of interior spaces, so the latest improvements to the Matterport media system are aimed at enhancing this unique experience.

We are proud to use latest Matterport cameras and software to produce our stunning 3D tours of various properties from offices and small apartments to luxurious mansions and lands for sale. The automation and software perfection of Matterport allow us to create professional looking, immersive tours that would be impossible to create otherwise.

The Matterport platform consists of:

(1) Matterport Pro 3D Camera

(2) Matterport’s cloud services

(3) Matterport Web Player

Together, these three key elements bring realism, depth, and ease-of-use to interactive 3D tours. With these tools, it’s possible to achieve fast viewing of interior spaces while delivering exceptional visual quality. In other words, excellence and amazing visual quality are at the core of this company.

The main tool, Matterport’s camera, can capture and weave together thousands of high-quality 3D images into one immersive, a photo-realistic model that can easily view in any browser.

The Importance of Quality 3D Tours:

We strongly believe that 3D tours are the future of the real estate business, but we also know that overall quality of the tours matters - cheap 3D tours won’t attract anyone’s attention. On the other hand, the homes with quality digital showings are selling faster than those without.

A lot of real estates agents have been told by sellers that they picked them over the competition because they offered digital showings. By offering something their previous agent did not have, nor have they ever seen before, you can easily win the trust of home owners and potential buyers. It’s important to start offering new services while they are still trendy and attract people’s attention.

Before Matterport and their professional 3D cameras, the visually realistic 3D models were extremely expensive, time-consuming, and impractical. Today, thanks to Matterport’s advanced software and innovative camera hardware, we can create visually compelling 3D models that sell homes. Digital showings can be instrumental in the decision-making process, but only if they look stunning and expensive.


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