Ultimate Guide of Bathroom Photography Tips


Ultimate Guide of Bathroom Photography Tips

When you're prepping your house for sale, every detail matters. When it comes to photography, bathrooms - especially tiny guest restrooms where you can barely find a place for your tripod – are the most problematic spaces. It takes time, practice, and a lot of patience to master great bathroom photos, but we know a few great tricks to make it easier for you. If you always thought that bathrooms are just too small to get a good, meaningful photo, thing again. We collected the best bathroom photography tips, so you can see for yourself that taking a photo of that tiny guest bathroom is not as hard as it seems.

Bathroom Photography 101

While some amateurs even consider removing a bathroom door to take a good quality picture or prefer not to use a tripod, we’ll show you an easier way to take a photo of that small bathroom. Let’s begin with some basic rules and then cover a few important details such as the color of the towels, light bulbs, or the quality of the toilet paper (yes, in real estate photography even the toilet paper matters!).

  1. Shoot from The Doorway

Usually, it’s better -and easier – to shoot from the doorway. It shouldn’t be a problem to place your tripod half in and half out of the door. Also, the height of the camera should be the standard - 36″ to 48″. Keep it in mind because changing the height of your tripod later can greatly affect the appearance of the whole room.

  1. Use a Wide-angle Lens

A "wide angle" lens is any lens with a short focal length. You’ll have to shoot wide (16 or 17 mm) to get everything that’s important.

  1. Use Photoshop

You don’t have to be a pro to Photoshop your camera and reflection out of the mirror. It’s going to be much easier if you plan to do so. Don’t shoot below the mirror just to avoid reflections – you can easily remove your reflection in Photoshop using the clone tool. There is plenty of tutorials on cloning your reflection out of the mirror online, take your pick!

  1. Show it All

When taking a photo, try to show it all including the vanity, shower, and at least a part of the toilet. Your goal is to find the best angle that also shows all the key features including thermostatic shower controls, LED faucets, tiles, etc.

  1. Pay close attention to detail

We’ll speak about it in more detail below, but not paying attention to the toilet paper of the cleanness of the towel is the most stupid and, unfortunately, the most common mistake that can ruin any, even the high quality, real estate photo.

  1. Use a Flash

Speaking of the lighting, the most important part of any photo, you can use a flash on the top of the door set at 1/3 to a 1/2 power. Depending on the situations, it’s also possible to use a flash in the shower. Although it’s best to use as much natural lighting as much as possible, sometimes you just need a flashgun to avoid dark shadows. To create a natural look and add ambient light, it’s best to aim a flashgun toward the ceiling.

  1. Take Horizontal Photos

It’s always a good idea to shoot all the photos in a horizontal format so the picture of the bathroom can nicely fit in with other horizontal format photos in a slide show. Another good way to capture your bathroom’s good side and make it look bigger is to stitch together a panoramic photo of the room. Even though it’s a more advanced technique, you can easily form an amazing panoramic image using the programs like Canon’s Photo stitch.

  1. Find Your Center

Before taking a picture, identify the focal point of the bathroom and try to center the picture on this point. Usually, it’s something big like a luxurious rain shower head or maybe a claw foot tub.

When the Details Matter

Context can do wonders for an interior shot, so when you are taking a picture of a bathroom, don’t forget to stage it first. White towels will look best, while the new roll of some expensive toilet paper rolled up on a roller will complete the image. Also, here is a trick a lot of professional real estate photographers use: before the shooting, change all the light bulb to incandescent light bulbs. They're inexpensive, easy to find, and can create amazing, high-quality product photos if used properly. Also, don’t forget to clean all the surfaces and light bulbs, remove the rugs to show off the tile work, and put the toilet sit down. Remember, when selling a property, every room should look warm, inviting, cozy, and the bathroom is not an exception.


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