Top 5 Things Your Real Estate Photographer Wishes You Knew


Top 5 Things Your Real Estate Photographer Wishes You Knew

Today, people are not eager to tour the first property that seems to be a good fit. Instead, most buyers spend weeks browsing online listings, comparing, making Pinterest dream boards, texting must-see homes to their agent, and, well, deciding. And what is the key difference that determines whether or not the potential home buyer will pay attention to your property? Photos. Real estate industry is constantly changing, but with the expert advice, selling your property in the digital age won’t be a problem.

Good First Impressions Start With Impeccable Online Listings

If you are new in the industry or always preferred to take photos of the property with your Smartphone camera, it might be hard at first to switch and take your business to the next level with professional photography. There are some nuances you should know to make the transfer as smooth as possible and we’ll talk about all of them in detail below.

What Property Owner Must Know According to Real Estate Photographers:

1. Megapixels don’t really matter

To all people who still use their smartphones to take real estate listing photos: it doesn’t matter how many megapixels your or your agent’s smartphone has. Even if you have an iPhone X, you still need the professional equipment, such as full-featured editing software, not to mention some basic tools like a tripod, flash, and additional light. But first of all, you need a high-end camera and wide-angle lenses to take good photos.

2. You need more than just a camera

The sensors of a professional-grade camera capture more information, resulting in eye-catching, rich photographs. Part of that is the technique and HDR (high dynamic range mode) photography when the camera takes multiple exposures to maximize the quality of the final photo; part of it is the right editing software.

Yes, some smartphones are capable of taking HDR photos as well, but believe us—it's not as good. Unless you already have the professional camera, all the equipment, and know how to edit photos in the Photoshop Lightroom, it might be better to hire a pro.

3. Less is more

A lot of homeowners go to great lengths to decorate their home. However, when it comes to selling it, most of your knickknacks won’t look very photogenic. The truth is, all those decorations that make your house feel homey to you usually don’t translate well online. A few decorative pillows, flowers, and colorful details can stay, but most of the personal items including photos and artworks should be hidden.

Your goal is to store away everything personal before your photo shoot—including the small kitchen appliances and, yes, your toothbrush. You want your house to convey a model home feel and those little personal details won’t help.

4. All the little imperfections show

Quality HDR photos are both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, the camera captures everything. On the other hand, it captures everything including dirt and all little imperfections that can turn your potential homeowners away. That’s why we always recommend cleaning and de-cluttering before the photo shoot unless you want the buyers to see that stain on a carpet or layers of dust.

5. The weather also matters

The weather on a big day and the day before also plays a crucial role. While a professional photographer can still produce high-quality photos despite the weather, the clear skies guarantee that both interior and exterior photos will “wow” the potential buyers. Before setting a date with a professional photographer, always check the weather and if there is a storm a night before or on a big day, it’s always better to reschedule.

Professional real estate photographer usually won’t tell you that, but when selling a property, a lot depends on a homeowner as well. A little thing can make - or break – the photo and the success of your listing largely depend on you, not only on a real estate agent or real estate photographer. When you take your time to clean the house and get ready for a photo shoot, you not only help to sell the property but also significantly increase its price and reduce its time in a market.


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