Top 10 Ways Drone Photography are Changing The Real Estate Business


Top 10 Ways Drone Photography are Changing The Real Estate Business

Aerial and drone photography are changing real estate industry in many ways. Even though there are some restrictions already and a bunch of important rules you should follow, using drones to promote your house is one of the cheapest and most effectual ways to sell a property nowadays. Take high-end photos of any property with affordable and easy-to-use drones that will take your real estate photography skills to the next level.

Drones have more uses than you think. In real estate industry, drone photography can show buyers not only the property and back yard but also a variety of details, such as:

  • Property maps
  • Aerial views of the entire property and land
  • Condition of the roof as well as other hard-to-access features
  • What kids’ walk to school looks like
  • The neighborhood and surrounding area
  • Home’s proximity to amenities like the local grocery store

Rules and Restrictions

In 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration made it easier to use of drones: drone pilots don’t need a FAA pilot's license anymore, only a remote pilot certificate that costs about $150. Moreover, drones were finally approved for commercial use. Shortly after, real estate companies started offering drone photo and video packages to their clients. In the industry where you're trying to get people's attention and convince them that your property is the best on the market, drone shots offer a new, exciting perspective.

The drone industry is booming rapidly. Now, when Federal regulations allow almost anyone to buy a drone, there are more than 1.1 million consumer drones in the sky. Even though the technology is used virtually everywhere now, from agriculture to utility inspections, the majority of companies still face one big challenge - uncertain regulations governing the use of drones. Things change so fast that many professionals just can’t predict what their business will look like next year.

The current rules are:

  • Must be age 13 or older to fly
  • Should fly at or below 400 feet
  • Keep your UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) within sight; UAS must be between 0.55 pounds and 55 pounds
  • Never fly near other aircraft or near airports (it’s legal to fly a drone within 5 miles of an airport, but don’t forget to notify the airport or local air traffic control in case their notice your drone on their radar)
  • Never fly over people
  • Never fly over stadiums and big events
  • Never fly near fires, floods, tornados
  • Never operate under the influence of drugs/ alcohol
  • Learn airspace requirements


While drones are relatively new, the regulatory reaction towards them will keep changing over the years. However, most drone enthusiasts think that the rules will get only simpler. Unlike before, when there were no regulations, the drone industry now is growing, evolving, and constantly changing. Earlier, The FAA required hobbyists to register their drone with the federal government, but a federal appeals court changed that rule in 2016, and now the registration is not mandatory. At that time, more than 770,000 people registered their drones.

Modern Drones and How They Are Changing Real Estate Marketing

Drone photography gradually becomes a standard thing in real estate marketing. There is so much buzz around drone photography these days because the FAA has recently changed their strict rules. Thus more and more clients ask about using a drone. The potential benefits of drone photography are plentiful, and while some types of listings help less, it’s still a big thing that shapes the modern real estate industry. Wonder what drone photography can add to your marketing efforts? Here is how drones change the way we sell and buy real estate property today:

  1. Novelty (at least for now)

Of course, it can change in the nearest future, but for now, drones are extremely popular. While drone photos and videos are a novelty, there is still a “wow” factor that’s not going away anytime soon and can attract potential buyers. Mostly, home buying is a primarily emotional decision, so novelty sells.

  1. Potentially viral videos

Let’s talk a little bit more about drone video footage. Since drone videos make prospective sellers realize that you are offering a new tool that not all of our competitors do, it’s an incredibly useful way to create a hard-to-resist listing. People still get excited and share beautiful drone videos, so consider it your chance to get noticed and find more potential buyers via Facebook or YouTube.

  1. You can capture the neighborhood

Instead of showing just one house, you can go further and show the entire neighborhood. Later, these quality videos can make amazing “stock” footage to use on your website!

  1. A more personal feeling

Drone photos and videos make your listing more intimate and personal, at the same time giving your buyers a better idea of how it feels to live there.

  1. Show the entire property

Let’s be honest – most people are terrible at visualizing space. When you show them official photos of the property, it’s still hard for them to imagine an enormous 4-acre backyard. While the picture on your listing will make it look small, a drone shot will make it look huge and exciting.

  1. Show the real distance to amenities

Again, most home buyers are easily confused when it comes to estimating space or distances. With drones, you can not only create dramatic, sweeping shots of landscape, but also show how close is that beautiful park, forest, or nice beach to your listing.

  1. Town drone videos

Some real estate professional went further and started to make town drone videos as a way to show buyers a new town.

  1. Increased privacy and liability concerns

On the other side, the usage of drones can make things a little bit more complicated. To avoid potential problems, talk to the neighbors before shooting and consider getting insurance, even though the FAA still doesn't require drone operators to have it.

  1. Affordable version of aerial photography

Home buyers always associated Ariel photography with luxury. Drones offer a budget-friendly way to take a breathtaking photo from the above – usually, drone photography sessions start at $300. It means, today you can use drones for virtually any type of property, even if you are on a budget.

  1. Capture home buyers’ attention

Drone real estate photography guarantees some buzz and attracts more home buyers to your listing. All in all, it’s a trendy, cool way to show off your property and believe us; a listing with amazing aerial photos won’t stay unnoticed. Because drone photos and videos can add an exciting dimension and a unique perspective that standard marketing photos simply can’t, it’s a perfect time to start offering drone photography services to your clients.

Ariel Photos Vs. Drone Photos

Drones are great when you need to get a just total view of the home from above, but can’t afford aerial photography. While aerial photos require not only super-long zoom lens but also a helicopter and an experienced pilot, drones can be used by almost anyone. Even though drone photos can’t show the coastline and mountains behind the property, they can still show the placement of the property on the lot along with the neighborhood and back yard.


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