Introducing Matterport 3D Tours


Introducing Matterport 3D Tours

For years, real estate photographers and agents used enhanced stills, drone videos, and 360 panoramic photos to promote their properties. While photos and videos are undoubtedly a crucial part of the real estate listing, not everyone knows that there is also a better, all-in-one tool that can easily show the entire property. 3D tours offer a completely new way to show your customers why this house is special and worth their money, with a hefty dose of virtual reality.

8710 Photography is a proud partner of Matterport – the leader of immersive media technologies that offers 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) media solutions for real estate, the entertainment industry, and everything in between.

What is Matterport 3D Tour?

Matterport is an innovative media technology company that offers an immersive virtual experience that engages buyers and delights sellers. Founded in 2011, Matterport is one of the best companies that provide services to real estate professionals to support their visual marketing initiatives.

Matterport 3D tours are like real estate virtual tours, but better. Customers can view properties without actually going there, but they can also freely explore the property. Unlike 360 degree tours, Matterport’s unique camera and proprietary software give potential home buyers freedom to see everything including small rooms and hidden corners.

Moreover, the buyer can choose what to see, so with virtual reality tours, every customer gets a unique, customized 3D experience, tailored to their needs. At the same time, all virtual reality tours are different, so it’s best to choose the company that was the first to offer the best cutting-edge technologies that greatly affected the entire industry.

Role of Matterport 3D Tours in Real Estate Business:

Matterport was the first end-to-end media platform that allowed people to create, modify, navigate, and build unique 3D tours.

Their first 3d camera, released in 2014, introduced cutting-edge 3D tours for real estate, while their latest camera, out in 2017, revolutionized the industry...again.

In addition to the same cutting-edge 3D tours, captivating VR walks, and traditional 2D floor plans, the new camera also offers HD print-ready photography – all from one device! It’s never been easier to give your clients everything they need in one perfect, cost-effective package.

The Rise of Virtual Reality in Real Estate:

The immersive 3D tour is a breakthrough solution for anyone who is looking for new ways to sell, all while making more money and finding more loyal customers. The interactive virtual reality tours attract tech-savvy buyers, especially those who don’t have time for open house visits.

Another great feature – 3D tours help to understand what the home would look like if you moved in. Before, you had to imagine what it might look like with your furniture, style, personal items. Even if space looked great, the current owner’s furniture, photos, pets, the setup would ruin the entire picture. Not anymore - thanks to Matterport, the days of imagining will be soon behind.

Immerse Yourself with Matterport:

There’s no doubt that virtual reality is impacting a lot of industries, but it changes the real estate world the most. Photos and video can never do enough justice for a property's true appearance, while Matterport’s software and hardware allow you to capture all the colors and contours of space.

A luxury real estate must-have, 3D tours can also completely transform even an average building, making it look more expensive and desirable. They say that by 2018, around 171 million people will be using VR hardware and software worldwide, so you have to start playing in this space too, if you don’t want to be left behind, of course.

Featured Image Credit: Matterport


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