How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Professional Real Estate Photography?


How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Professional Real Estate Photography?

If you are in real estate business long enough, you probably know that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Taking quality, visually appealing photos of those rooms is a first step to selling your property fast and for the best price possible. As we all know, the details create the big picture, and it’s especially true in the world of real estate photography.

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid -

In today’s world, nearly 90% of real estate buyers find the new property online. That’s why real estate listing photos play a crucial role in selling your house. To begin with, let’s have a look at some common mistakes that can ruin even a good kitchen photo. If you learn to identify and avoid those mistakes, you are already halfway there. Some obvious things first:

(1) De-clutter. It’s the first and most important step. A cluttered kitchen, full of unnecessary stuff, doesn’t photograph well and at the same time makes your spaces appear smaller.

(2) Clean the refrigerator. Even though it’s time-consuming, take some time to prepare the refrigerator. Remove the magnets and all the decorations - the clear surface looks better and allows the buyers imagine their own items there.

(3) Wipe down all the surfaces. Especially if you use a good camera and not your phone, all those discolorations, debris, and even streaks on the glass will show in the photos.

(4) De-clutter shelves. While one or two visually appealing items will add character to your room, three or more will make your kitchen look small and cluttered. If your cabinets have glass doors and display the contents, de-clutter those cabinets and leave only items in a common, neutral color palette.

(5) Clean the sink. Also, don’t forget to hide sponges, soap, and anything that can potentially distract your buyers.

(6) Clear the counter tops. Remove everything from the kitchen counters and leave only one or two attractive, high-quality, items or appliances for scale. Below, we’ll discuss in greater detail why this step is so important.

(7) Remove the towels, rugs, and oven mitts to make your photos look more professional.

(8) Clean and replace the light bulb if needed.

(9) Add some decorations. Fresh flowers or a small picture on a wall can make the home look inviting without cluttering.

(10) Hide the trash cans. Believe us; nobody wants to see them!

(11) Hide pets, the water/food bowls and toys. Most buyers don’t want to imagine other people’s pets living in their future home.

(12) Clean the kitchen tables.


How to Stage a Home?

Home staging becomes more and more important in the real estate industry, where stiff competition between homeowners makes it harder to sell property fast. Home staging is a great way to present your home in the best light possible, so if you have nice place settings, place them out neatly and add some decorations like fresh flowers or a few plants. At the same time, try to keep the settings minimalist. Sometimes, even a completely clear table is better than a table full of unnecessary stuff. We highly recommend leaving one or two items in the neutral color palette to make your home look more inviting and hide everything else.

Less is More -

Your main goal is to highlight the features of your home, rather than crowd rooms with furniture and your personal stuff. While fresh flowers on a table will look nice and inviting, a pile of dishes or spice jars make your kitchen look cluttered and small. Have a look at your room - if it looks like a furniture showroom, you need to declutter it as soon as possible. There is nothing wrong with displaying a few expensive items to brighten the room or highlight the best parts of it, but remember that when it comes to real estate photography, less is more.

Keep Your Kitchen Neat & Clean -

A tidy room matters in helping buyers envision the space as their own. When there is nothing to distract them, they can easily visualize their furniture and stuff there. The clear surface gives a place for the eye to rest, and that’s exactly what you want to achieve. The next step is to take out those personal touches such as family photos or religious symbols that will make potential buyers wonder about who lives in this house. Instead, they should be able to picture themselves there. Some professional real estate photographers even advice to remove any artwork that has a face with eyes on it because people tend to focus on the people in the image instead of the features of the home.

Not only kitchen, but all rooms in a house need some work before shooting. Professional photographers usually identify five key rooms for staging – the living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom and master bathroom. However, it’s the small, tricky spaces such as kitchen or bathroom that need to be staged and de-cluttered first because of their size or awkward dimensions.


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