How to Prepare the Home for Real Estate Photography


How to Prepare the Home for Real Estate Photography

Just like any product for sale, your home should be marketed correctly to reach potential buyers. Professional real estate photography ensures that your listing makes a good first impression and stands out, but there is more. Before any photo shoot, you need to get ready and prepare your home, both inside and outside.

To jumpstart your efforts, we created this handy checklist that also includes some tricks and useful room-specific tips that will make your real estate photos even better.

Why Preparing You Home for Real Estate Photo Shoot?

Staging your house before the photo shoot is vital. While getting your home picture perfect is not easy, it’s possible. Remember that in real estate photography less is more and declutter as much as possible. Don’t forget about your pets too – we highly recommend minimizing their presence and hiding all toys and bowls.

In the long run, those professional real estate photos will not only attract more buyers but also increase the final price of the property while reducing its time on the market. These are some important steps you should take to ensure perfect interior and exterior photos.


• Dust, mop, sweep, and vacuum

• Clean the windows/mirrors

• Replace burnt out light bulbs

• Turn all lights on

• Turn all screens, ceiling fans, and TVs off

• Make all beds

• Hide your shoes and clothes in the closet

• Remove rags to show the actual flooring


• Since the front exterior is usually the first photo buyers, see, clean up landscaping and hide all the personal items including bikes, water hoses, toys, sports balls, etc.

• Close garage doors and remove all cars from the driveway

• Clean pool and hide all pool cleaning supplies

• Water the garden

• Clean all pillows and cushions

• Clean porch and tidy up patio furniture

• Hide trash cans

5 Important Things to Do Right Before the Shoot:

1. Turn on all interior lights.

2. Light fireplaces and candles.

3. Turn all screens, ceiling fans, and TVs off.

4. Open all blinds, shades, and curtains.

5. Secure pets in a safe location, away from rooms that will be photographed.

Room Specific Guidelines:


• Clear all countertops completely

• Knife blocks, spices, and baking supplies should be hidden, while a few small appliances, such as a coffee maker or blender can improve your real estate photo

• Clean the refrigerator and remove all magnets and photos

• Wash the dishes

• Hide garbage cans

Dining Room:

• Hide child seats

• Clear the dining room table, dust and polish it.

• Use decorative place setting.

• Add a bouquet of flowers.

• Straighten all chairs, space them evenly.


• All bedrooms, including the master bedroom, guest bedroom, and kid bedroom should be clean and picture ready

• Make all beds, add decorative pillows and shams if available

• Clear nightstands

• Hide all charging cables

• Clean under the bed

• Remove all personal items/family photos


• Remove all rags and floor mats

• Clear countertops completely. Remove everything including soap, toothbrushes, etc.

• Put toilet seats down

• Close closet doors

• Remove dirty towels and leave out a few new, unused towels

Hiring a professional real estate photographer is the best you can do to improve your listing. Of course, the more you prepare your home before the photographer arrives, the better the final pictures are going to look. After all, even the best photographer can only do so much with a messy, untidy house.

In the end, it doesn’t even matter how much you are paying for those real estate photos –it can be impossible to make a messy room look nice in the picture.


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