How Enhanced Stills Photography Takes the Real Estate Business to New Heights?


How Enhanced Stills Photography Takes the Real Estate Business to New Heights?

The perfect real estate photo is made up of three sections: the building, the surroundings or background, and lastly the sky. No matter how hard you try, there will be times when you end up with a photo which is less than perfect. What’s more, even the decent photos need to be altered sometimes – by removing unwanted objects or adjusting colors you can easily turn a mediocre shot into a perfect one. Don’t underestimate the power of enhanced stills photography for real estate – it can speed up sales by as much as 32 percent!

What is Enhanced Stills Photography?

In the age of Instagram, people have unrealistic standards when it comes to photos. We are so used to filters that even a perfect but professional shot can look blank compared to heavily photoshopped images. This is when enhanced still photography comes in handy.

Digitally enhanced photos for real estate are images that have been specifically altered to make the photo look better than the camera was able to capture. Sometimes this is done to compensate for imperfections in the building or background, sometimes to compensate for things that are beyond the photographer's control like lighting conditions or unwanted objects. Today, thanks to filters, Photoshop, or Lightroom, you can easily turn your image into a piece of art.

How Your Photo Can Be Digitally Improved?

Photography is real estate’s best sales tool, but only if it’s done right. While there are hundreds of tools and techniques that professional photographers use, these five proven ways to enhance your photo are necessary to create a high-quality, visually appealing photo of your property:

(1) Straightening the Horizon:

It’s easy to get distracted when you take a photo. A lot of amateur photographers think too much about composition, light, zoom, focus, etc., and end up with a crooked horizon and badly aligned lines. The slanted horizon is very distracting and looks unprofessionally. When you straighten it, you draw viewer’s attention back to the important parts of the photo. Moreover, people prefer straight, leveled lines instead of weird angles.

(2) Improving the Composition:

It’s important to edit the photo where the main point of interest – your house - is lost among all the "clutter". To improve your photo, you need a professional photographer to crop it, remove the unnecessary details, and re-focus the home buyer’s attention on the object of interest.

(3) Removing the Unwanted Objects:

Cropping your photo is easy, but what if the unwanted object is too close to your property? Trash cans, lamp posts, and road signs can ruin even a perfect shot. In this case, professional photographers tend to use the clone tool or more advanced equivalents like Photoshop's Patch Tool or Healing Brush.

(4) Adjusting Contrast and Brightness:

Another crucial step is adjusting the photo’s colors. From brightness and contrast to curves and levels, even a slight change can make a big difference in the world of professional real estate photography.

(5) Improving the Colors:

Sometimes camera's built-in white balance settings can help, but most of the photos still come out with an orange tint or blue tint, if it’s an outdoor picture. To counteract the color tint, photographers usually use various digital filters that can warm up or cool down a scene make it look more appealing and realistic.

The Power of Enhanced Still Photography:

Cameras don't capture an image the same way we see it – while it can’t show all the shadows, hues, and bright areas that we see, it can capture every tiny scratch and every piece of dust we haven’t noticed. The trouble is, this is not what we want to show. All the small flaws distract the home buyers, hence decreasing the value of your property. That’s why in real estate business, it’s crucial to edit photos before posting them to increase their attractiveness and quality.


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