Do’s and Don’ts of Real Estate Photography


Do’s and Don’ts of Real Estate Photography

Numerous studies show that quality real estate photography is more likely to generate a higher price and help to sell a property fast. While capturing the essence of a home is not an easy task, these real estate photography tips from pros (and mistakes to avoid) can surely help.

According to The Wall Street Journal, real estate listings with quality pictures “gain anywhere between $935 and $116,076” more than those with low quality, smartphone photos. Below are only a few advantages of professional real estate photography:

  • Listings with high-quality photos receive an average of 61% more views than others
  • A 47% higher asking price per square foot
  • An increased likelihood of selling luxury real estate properties priced above $300,000
  • The listing stays on the market an average of 8-10 days less


Real Estate Photography Do’s

1. Use a tripod

In addition to a professional camera and wide-angle lenses, a real estate photographer should always have a tripod. For a better real estate photo, the camera should be leveled, while shooting without a tripod results in unleveled, poorly angled photographs. Most of the time, the tripod can make all the difference.

2. Give the impression of open space

Sometimes, you even have to rearrange the furniture to make space look bigger. If something doesn’t seem to be in the right place, then move it or take it all out. The golden rule of real estate photography is “less is more”.

3. Create a welcoming ambiance and make it look homey

In every room, you need to take at least one photo from the entrance since it’s the first things a buyer will see when he or she will tour the property. Create the impression of an inviting house and add a few finishing touches like fresh flowers or decorative pillows.

4. De-clutter and stage every room

Again, Every room deserves your attention. Ideally, your clients should be prepared for the shoot too and clean every room. If they didn’t hire a professional stager, just ask them to hide the clothes, photos, and anything too personal. With a little bit of attention to details, any property can look amazing!

5. Emphasize the property’s best features

When you highlight property’s best features, also known as selling points, you show potential homebuyers why exactly this house is worth their attention. Is there something that makes this room special? Get it in front of buyers and show it off!

6. Take advantage of seasons and the view

If there is a nice view outside, then don’t lose your chance and show it off. Photos that show important details like a backyard, a tiny balcony, or a spacious porch can help viewers to picture themselves living there!

7. Experiment with sunset, aerial, or nighttime photos

The majority of real estate photographers prefer to take photos during the day. While it’s a proven way to take quality, well-lit pictures, these photos can look pretty boring. Don’t be afraid to experiment – the most beautiful real estate pictures are those taken during the golden hour or even at night.


Real Estate Photography Don’ts


 1. Don’t include pets

While there is no doubt that puppies and kittens are adorable, they don’t help to sell real estate properties. Ideally, the pets should not be at home when you take photos. Moreover, their bowls and toys should be hidden too.

2. Don’t ignore the seasons

The season is also important and should guide the way you take your photos. Adapts your photos to match the weather outside for the best results! For example, if you are selling a property during the summertime, then you might focus on the swimming pool, garden, or cozy balcony. If it’s wintertime, it’s better to emphasize the fireplace’s unique ambiance on your photos.

3. Don’t take photos of a room as it is

Always de-clutter and arrange every room!

4. Don’t ignore the angles

The angle of the real estate photos must be perfect, so don’t forget your tripod and check every photo.

5. Don’t include holiday decorations

Even though the season in which you are putting your listing on the market matters, avoid including holiday décor in your photos. Over-the-top holiday decor can be a turn-off, especially if buyers don’t celebrate or like that holiday. Your goal is to please and attract as many buyers as possible, so keep all the decorations attractive, but neutral.

Third, only to price and location, quality real estate photos are one of the most important parts of selling a home. Thus, the main goal of a professional real estate photographer is to portray property in a visually aesthetic light and show its best assets.


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